Danielle Ruff from Brunswick, Ga. Spends most of her free time dancing, singing, playing the flute, and she enjoy’s playing tennis. She considers music to be a very strong passion of hers; that would most likely be A career she would choose that no one would need pay her for, to teach other people how to play different instruments. During her lifetime, she has had many accomplishments which includes, making varsity tennis team, being on leadership in the high school band, and maintaining AB honor roll. Through life, she has always put Deuteronomy 31:8 in the forefront of her mind because it gives me strength and courage. She believes her calling in ministry is to dance and make music for the kingdom. The joy music and dancing brings to the lives of others allows her to grow in those areas which is what she wants to be remembered as; a person who always wants to see other people happy.

A goal of hers is to open her own center where she can assemble a community band with people of all ages and also teach people to play different instruments. If she had to make a change in the world, she would end poverty. She believes there are too many people that struggle every day, yet we always find something to complain about.

Some challenges she believes the next generations will have is fixing pollution and other environmental issues and fighting racism and discrimination. Sadly most of us do not realize we already have the power to change these things. If she could improve 3 habits she would allow herself more sleep, procrastinate less and spend more time with God. 

She is most grateful for her loving and supportive family and friends. They have played a great role in her life.