Elliot Rudolph is from Americus, Georgia. He is married to Erica B. Rudolph of 12 years. In his spare time, he loves to spend time with family, he enjoys fishing, bowling, watching television and movies. He has worked as a security officer and also spent sone time as a training instructor. He has recently competed in a 2019 Bowling championship where his team received first place winning the league championship. He currently helps in the media department at New Covenant Church but desires to know his calling in ministry. Joshua 24:15 reads “At every crossroad you come to, there is a choice of which master you will serve.” Which is his favorite scripture. He believes it is a declaration to choose the Lord. Man has the freedom of choice and so he has to choose his or her path as Jesus chose to save humanity. He surrounds himself with people who can be beneficial to his life’s journey. He remains willing to listen, love, read, and think before he acts. This requires that his goals change as he grows and situations change, however he knows he has not failed until he quits trying.