Albert R. Armstrong received the vision for ministry in 1981. The vision for New Covenant Church (NCC) is to be a multi-ethnic, family ministry of restoration. Al and his wife, Catherine served as Home Group Leaders with Christian Renewal Church (CRC) for many years. As a further outreach of that ministry, they served with a nursing home ministry for over seven years.
In January, 1989 God led Al to begin planting a church. By December of that same year, New Covenant had its first worship service at the “H” Street City of Brunswick Recreation Center in Brunswick, Georgia. Within two years the ministry moved to its present (2625 Reynolds Street) church home. On the bright and beautiful morning of Sunday, December 3, 1989, the first service at New Covenant Church began. New Covenant Church immediately affiliated with the Fellowship of Charismatic Churches and Ministries International (FCCMI), which was founded by Pastor William T. Ligon of CRC. In a special service at their 1989 annual conference, the presbytery laid hands and anointed the Armstrongs for ministry. At that time, a young prophet by the name of Vaughn Clark, of Dublin, Georgia, stepped forth and prophesied that New Covenant Church would start in a lowly place but it would be raised up by God. He confirmed the ministry as from God. He predicted that the ministry would teach men to proclaim Jesus. That the church would minister internationally. And men from all walks of life would be attracted to the ministry and would be drawn supernaturally. Also, the Armstrongs represented, as a couple, a type that God is raising up all over the world to minister to the total Body of Believers to destroy dividing walls between people.
In a somber morning ceremony on March 18, 2001, officiated by her husband, Pastor Albert Armstrong, Pastor Catherine A. Armstrong was ordained to gospel ministry as Co-Pastor.
New Covenant Church, Inc. officially gained its 501(c) 3 non-profit designation by the Secretary of the State of Georgia on February 25, 2002.
On June 7, 2006, the church was declared debt free in a mortgage burning ceremony at the church. At that ceremony, a vow was made to the Lord to plant $50,000 to meet our need for rebuilding. As a result, over $60,000 was planted in the following ministries: Sid Roth’s Messianic Vision, Johnathan Bernis, Haitian Outreach, India, El Pedido Santos, Brazil, Christ for all Nations, Benny Hinn, Metro Ministries, Maranatha Ministries and Evangelist Joann Trammell. 
On Sunday, August 20, 2017, Pastors Albert and Catherine Armstrong anointed and appointed Youth Minister Carlos L. Williams (their spiritual son of 20 years) as their successor and installed him as Senior Pastor and Chief Executive Officer of New Covenant Church, Inc. The installation services were conducted by Bishop Benjamin Michael Burney, Sr. of Living Waters Ministry of Macon, Georgia.
Pastor Carlos and his wife, Elect Lady Felicia Williams serves together in the ministry. As they embark upon the new vision of “This Is That Generation” from the scripture Acts 2:16-21 God gave them for New Covenant Church; they whole-heartily believe the Word of God is relevant for such a time as this. Carlos, being the native spiritual son of the Armstrongs, comes with fire preaching, prophetic gifting and passionate teaching of God’s Word. Both Pastor Carlos and his wife have a love for the presence of God to manifest in every area of a person’s life.
Pastors Albert and Catherine Armstrong has the new role as Overseers of NCC and active members of the Board of Directors.