1. Where should I go the first time that I visit? If you need directions to our church, please use the map on our ‘Services and Location’ website page.
2. Where can I sit? At New Covenant Church, you may sit where you like. If you are uncertain where to sit, just ask one of our ushers to help you find a seat.
3. How long does worship service last? Worship services typically last approximately one to two hours.
4. What do people wear? Do I need to dress up? It is pretty much up to you. We want you to be comfortable. You may see some men in coats and some will even wear ties. However, you will also see sweaters and sports shirts. Some women will wear dresses, but you will also see everyday blouses and dress pants. Generally, casual clothing is worn during the summer.
5. Do I have to say anything during the service? Our church is a friendly and welcoming church and we do not want to put any undue pressure on you during your visit. You will receive a visitor card from our church ushers. Our visitor cards provide us with a record of your visit and a means of contacting you in the future.
6. Do I need to bring anything? If you have a Bible, please bring it with you so you can follow the scripture readings during the service. If you do not have a Bible, upon your request, our ushers will provide a Bible for you to use during the service or you can use the Bible App on you device.

7. What is going to happen during the service? Our order of worship is as follows:

Corporate Prayer – 10:00 A. M.
Morning Service – 10:30 A. M.
* Call to Worship
* Songs of Worship
* Congregational Prayer
* Congregational Giving
* Congregational Welcome
* Ministry of the Word
* Appeal for Salvation
* Appeal for Membership
* Closing Prayer and Benediction
8. Do you take up a collection and, if so, am I required to give? Each service includes the opportunity for an offering, a time when we give back to the Lord a small portion of what He has given us. Offerings go for the work of the church to deliver the Good News and to help those who need it, both here and overseas. You are the sole judge of how much to give, if you so desire, and you are under no obligation to give anything.
9. Can we bring the children to worship services? Of course!

10. What are your customs with communion? We generally celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month. Anyone who professes a faith in Jesus Christ may partake of the bread and the cup of wine. We use grape juice instead of wine. During our communion service, people are directed by the ushers to come forward to receive the bread and wine from the Pastor. The decision to partake is yours.

For more information, please call (912) 264-2430.